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Powerful Network Solutions for Seamless Communication

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With a wealth of industry experience and a customer-centric approach, we offer a comprehensive range of telecommunications services to clients worldwide.

Our Story

Solid Telecoms has a rich history that spans several decades. It began as a small telecommunications company with a handful of dedicated professionals who shared a vision of revolutionizing the way people communicate. Over the years, our passion for connecting people and businesses has driven our growth and success.

Our Vision

We strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients, serving as a trusted advisor and partner in their growth and success. We understand the importance of connectivity and aim to create a network of strategic connections through our existing trusted partners.

SMS Marketing

SMS Promotions

SMS Notifications

SMS Alerts

Appointment Reminders

Two factor Authentication


Experience the convenience and affordability of VoIP SMS, enabling you to effortlessly send text messages over the Internet. Our integrated SMS service through VoIP telecom operators eliminates the need for additional platforms or software, while API protocols automate message sending, saving you time, reducing errors, and cutting costs.

With Solid SMS Services, enjoy timely and cost-effective solutions, empowering your business to send and receive SMS messages seamlessly through any website or app, ensuring uninterrupted operations 24/7.

SMS Delivered




Solid Telecoms


Time Saved

We Offer SMS Services timely and Cost Efficiently

Our dedicated team provides cost-effective solutions that ensure your messages reach their destination promptly

SMS Marketing

Easily reach your customers through the power of text messages.

Efficiently manage and segment your customer base for targeted communications, personalized assistance, and interactive engagements.

SMS Promotions

Easily reach your customers through the power of text messages.

Maximize your marketing impact with SMS promotions, reaching and engaging your customers effortlessly.

SMS Notifications & Alerts

Achieve effective communication through broadcast or personalized contact, delivering the right message at the right time.

Two Factor Authentication

Enhance account security and protect your data by utilizing SMS or voice codes for customer verification.

Appointment Reminders

Optimize your notification timing by scheduling messages at the most suitable moments.

Automate confirmation messages to remind customers about upcoming appointments, ensuring they stay informed and prepared.

Powerful Network Solutions for Seamless Communication


  • Benefit from our network’s rapid direct voice interconnects, ensuring efficient and reliable communication
  • Our network provides cost-effective enhanced call signaling controls, optimizing your communication costs
  • With hubs located throughout the world, our network offers extensive coverage and connectivity
  • Solid Telecoms delivers comprehensive voice services and SMS solutions that meet the requirements of customers worldwide

Global Hubs for Wide Reach

Rapid Direct Voice Interconnects

Cost-Effective Enhanced Call Signaling Controls

Leading Telecommunications Company Pioneers Trust, Experience, and Innovative Solutions for Industry Transformation

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